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Up to 60% less consumption with the heat pump


Sometimes we don't even notice these little things, but we can't live without them. Choose from our special accessories!


To refresh, relax or entertain you, we present a wide range of spa accessories to enjoy a relaxing moment in your spa. They will give you extra pleasure during your relaxation sessions.  We offer products to suit all your models: jacuzzi accessories, spa accessories and swim spas.


Spa accessories of all kinds:

Inflatable or rigid bars and shelves: whether it's for your drinks, books, tablets or phone, their proven stabilities generate peace of mind. 


Cushions and headrests: to relax your head, comfortably resting on the edge of your spa, made of pleasant and robust materials, easy to use.

Our sturdy, non-slip stairs and ramps make it easy to get into the above-ground spa, avoiding the risk of falling.

Our cover lifters make it easy to remove, store and fold down your cover, which considerably reduces the weight of the cover and allows one person to do it alone. This saves you the trouble of contorting and moving around.


Our covers protect by covering your spa cover and our covers offer full protection to your spa.


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